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T H E   A M E R I C A N   G U I L D   F O R   I N F A N T   S U R V I V A L


A child came, then went away, ...
Only the memories are here to stay.
My heart cries out, "Why, oh, why?"
As I await God's healing as time goes by.

                                     by Eileen Kay Hessek

     For those seeking answers to Eileen Hessek's question, select the following link:

"The Search for Meaning in Our Babies' Lives"


     The American Guild for Infant Survival, Inc. (AGIS) is a nonprofit corporation advancing the mission to provide information, referral, follow-up, and counseling to parents and family members who have lost a child due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or crib death and other causes. Further, AGIS supports research and prevention efforts related to SIDS. The highly successful AGIS Infant Pre-Screening Test was developed by the organization to aid in the detection of high risk babies. Assistance related to these monitors is also afforded to families utilizing them. To support the mission and goals of AGIS, the organization maintains a library of reference works, periodicals, and archival materials.


     The Armed Forces Guild for Infant Survival is an affiliate of the American Guild for Infant Survival (AGIS). AFGIS serves solely United States military installations around the world.

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     The official web site of the American Guild for Infant Survival, Inc. and its affiliate, the Armed Forces Guild for Infant Survival.


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